Skills: 3D Modeling (Fusion 360)

Angles Bracelet Prototype.jpg

FORM is a project I started working on a CalHacks this fall that explores the possibilities of 3D printing technologies through wearable pieces whose complexities would be time consuming or impossible to create using traditional subtractive manufacturing processes. This project anticipates a future where a 3D printer is a common household tool and aims to consider what that future might look like through innovative pieces of wearable art. All FORM pieces can be printed in 8 hours or less, enabling wearers send newly-designed or chosen jewelry to their printer before bed and wake up to new wearable art in the morning.

FORM pieces are currently being  printed in traditional PLA plastic on Makerbot Replicator 2x printers.  However, plans for future prototypes involve exploring other materials including acrylic, stainless steel, porcelain, sandstone, and even precious metals.  Most exciting of these possibilities is the use of  recycled plastic filament like that created by the team at Dimension Polymers or that users can make at home using tools like the Filabot.  This would make it possible for consumers to collect plastic from things like milk and soda bottles or old FORM pieces they no longer use and transform it back into filament for future pieces, allowing them to constantly update their collection while remaining sustainable. 





form II.jpg

I am currently continuing to develop pieces for this project, and hoping to open my own online 3D printed jewelry shop this spring as a first step to full realization of the project.