Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch

As a graphic design and marketing intern at Uncollege, I worked closely with the marketing and admissions teams to developed a wide range of visual materials, ranging from Facebook ad campaigns and social media graphics to student handbooks. 

Gap Year Research Infographic

Part of my interview process for the internship was creating an infographic that included research about gap years for the Uncollege Gap Year Research Page.  I had a week during my school year to complete the assignment, and this was the end result: 


Blog Banners

Once I began the internship, one of the typical tasks I was assigned to was creating attention-grabbing banners for UnCollege blog posts.  Some of the banners I created over the course of the summer can be seen in the gallery below. 

Facebook AdS


I also worked on creating a series of Facebook advertisements for the program, working in close contact with the Head of Marketing on everything from the initial brainstorming process to image selection to copywriting in the process of developing the final designs. 

Above are examples from two of the ad campaigns we ended up running. The two ads on the left side were part of a campaign targeted towards parents of students finishing high school and the two ads on the right side were from a campaign targeted towards Facebook users with profiles similar to students who had shown interest in the program.

These ad campaigns performed extremely well for the company, with both receiving a Facebook relevance rating of 10/10 and producing the best click-through rates and some of the lowest costs-per-click of all company ads.  

Social Media Profile Photo & Banner

I also worked on coming up with a new Facebook/Twitter profile picture and Facebook banner image for the Uncollege pages. The fan base of these pages includes both people in the program and people generally interested in the concept of unschooling who look to Uncollege for self-directed learning resources. We wanted to make sure those from outside the program also felt encouraged to participate on their social media pages, so we focused on the ideas of adventure, learning, and community when rebranding the pages. 


College Counselor One-Pager

Uncollege Flyer Mockup.png

Another major task I worked on over the course of the summer, was working with the Director of Admissions on creating a one-page profile to be distributed to college counselors to provide further information about the program.  We wanted to keep the document formatting similar to something all college counselors are used to: the high school program overview, a document high schools use to inform colleges their students are applying to about their curriculum. 


Postcard Mockup White Background.png

Uncollege Info Cards

I worked with Uncollege's Director of Admissions on a program info card, a postcard sized document that he could bring to college fairs and other events where he was promoting the Gap Year program. The cards contained some basic information that would get readers excited about the program while also acting as a tool to collect potential student information. I worked on the project every step of the way, from finding images and buying rights to an image to use for the front side to locating the most affordable printers and working with them to get the document printed correctly.

Parent Guide & Handbooks Rebranding

I also worked on updating a number of program documents to be in-line with the current Uncollege branding. I created a uniform cover page and formatting style for the student guidebooks, which had originally just been plain text word docs.

Another project I spent time working was rebranding the How to Facilitate Your Teens Your Teen's Independent Learning guide, a free resource we were able to then use on the website to convert visitors into email list subscribers. Check out the booklet for yourself by clicking through the gallery on the left.