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Global Mamas


Skills: User Research, Group Brainstorming, Business Development

In the spring of 2014, I participated in Global Mamas mini-internship program, a weeklong program held at Global Mamas headquarters in Cape Coast Ghana. As part of product development intern group, I was tasked with developing a campaign for a new product line that would make use the thousands of yards of imperfectly printed printed fabrics on backlog at Global Mamas' factory.  

My team understanding of the Mamas fabric making process by participating in a batikking demonstration at one of the mamas workshops, where we observed some of the common missteps in the fabric dying process that lead to fabrics not up to the standards required for wholesale sales.   We also had a chance to meet with one of the company's founders to review the company's goals and history. Drawing on these experiences, my team of three students spent time brainstorming ideas for products that could use irregularly printed fabrics and campaigns that would bring these products together around a theme. 


  Our final project, which we presented to company leaders, designers, and Mamas at Cape Coast headquarters,  took advantage of the fact that irregularly printed fabrics could be sold at a reduced cost and targeted a younger demographic than their typical 30s+ consumer.  Taking the form of a college collection, the line emphasizing the idea of finding beauty in the uniqueness of each product