Skills: User Research, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Branding, 
3D Modeling (Fusion 360) , Keynote

Hakeeme was an idea I worked on with a multi-national team of students at NYU Abu Dhabi's Hackathon for Social Good in the Spring of 2015. We wanted to use technology to address the problem of mistreatment of construction workers, particularly migrant workers, which was a hot topic in Middle Eastern news at the time, particularly in regards to recent scandals with poor labor conditions for workers building the Abu Dhabi Guggenheim museum and additional NYU Abu Dhabi buildings. After brainstorming concepts for solutions around this problem, we settled on the idea of creating an inexpensive armband that would keep track of worker vital signs like pulse and hydration levels so individual companies and the local government could easily track the conditions of workers. 

Hakeeme Design and Branding


My main role on the team was developing the branding for the project.  This included creating the company logo, in which the Arabic word Hakeem (which roughly translates to "my doctor") is spelled out on a diamond-shaped construction warning sign. This common symbol among construction sites paired with the circuit-board like spelling of the company name represented how technology was being used to improve the situation.

I also helped the team with setting up the landing page of the Hakeeme website which can be found here: http://hakee.me/



Additionally I contributed to developing the physical design of the project, using Fusion 360 to model a case for the armband prototype that we 3D printed at the NYUAD Fablab and creating a model of what the product might look like in the future. 


Finally, I helped my team put together a cohesive and attention-grabbing pitch deck for the final presentation which can be seen here: 


It was a busy and tiring weekend, but in the end our hard work paid off. Our project placed first for overall project in the Hackathon. 

The WInning Team (Plus Hackathon Organizers & Mentors)

Currently, some of the NYUAD students on our team are continuing to develop the armband as part of the senior design project. 

Press Coverage

Finalist Contestant in PitchLab Morocco: http://pitchlab.newworklab.com/

NYU Local Article on the Hackathon and Winning Teams: http://nyulocal.com/on-campus/2015/04/16/4th-annual-nyuad-hackathon-for-social-good-in-the-arab-world/

NYU Hackathon Event Winners: http://sites.nyuad.nyu.edu/hackathon/index.php/previous-hackathons/the-annual-nyuad-international-hackathon-for-social-good-in-the-arab-world-2015/