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Digital Making


Skills: 3D Modeling (Inventor, Fusion 360, TinkerCAD), Laser Cutting, Vinyl Cutting, Digital Embroidery, Arduino Programming  

I was first brought into the world of additive manufacturing in my freshman year GE 101: Engineering Graphics and Design class at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.  Through this intensive 16 week course I learned about the basics of AutoCAD modeling and had the amazing experience of learning how to take ideas in my head into a modeling program and print them out into out into real-world 3D objects.  I also had the chance to work on a team disassembling a multi-part real world object (in our case the popular Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots fighting game) and  re-constructing the toy in AutoCAD Inventor as a final project for the class.  I quickly became quite passionate about the subject, so much so that as  a sophomore, I was asked to come back as a lab assistant for the course. From there it was a quick move to the maker community, where I have gotten great pleasure out of messing around with things like MakerBots, vinyl cutters, and Arduinos.  

I worked on many of these projects in the spring 2015 Digital Making Seminar course at the Illinois MakerLab which I kept track of in my blog posts from the semester here:

My final project for the class, building 3D printed prosthetic arms with e-Nabling the Future was featured as the cover story for the Fall 2015 edition of the Illinois Postmarks, a publication of the University of Illinois News Bureau that is mailed to 65,000 parents of current and prospective undergraduate students each semester. The full article can be found here: